flixo energy plus

flixo energy plus is a tool to analyze the thermal properties of a design or construction, and to document those results.

It makes it possible to calculate the flow of energy in the construction industry and to obtain value Ψ (psi). flixo energy plus calculates and gives the temperatures and the densities flux thermal graphically according to the standards EN ISO 12211: 2007 and the old standards EN ISO 10211-1 et EN ISO 10211-2, can thus be used in all the European countries.

Flixino was developed by the company Infomind Lltd in Zurich.
E4tech Software does not distribute a Student-version of flixo.

Advantages for Lesosai users

As user of Lesosai you have the following advantages:

  • export of constructions of Lesosai towards flixo energy plus
  • importation of the results of calculations of the thermal properties since flixo
  • to manage the complete reports of the thermal properties in Lesosai
  • to avoid seeing projects refused by the certifiers for thermal properties evil definite
  • a very interesting price

Conditions of sale

The holders of paying licence of Lesosai can acquire flixo energy plus with a discount.

First purchase Amount Price in Swiss Francs Price in Euros
flixo energy plus 8 1 activation CHF 1210.00 HT (instead of 1250.00) € 890.00 HT (instead of 920.00)
Update Amount Price in Swiss Francs Price in Euros
flixo energy plus 8 (depuis la version 7) 1 activation CHF 690.00 HT € 490.00 HT

If you want more than one activation please contact us.

The key is sent after confirmation of the payment (by invoice or credit card).

Customers who bought flixo energy plus 7 one year prior to the update (365 days) get the free update.


You can online order directly on the page of order by identifying you with your key of Lesosai activation.

Version test : you register with the form to receive the test version form


See the Formation page.

Films of introduction

Since Lesosai with Flixino Since Flixino with Lesosai Importation DXF Calculation Ψ (psi)
2 constructions
Calculation Ψ (psi)
3 constructions
Calculation of the value fRsi

click on the image to reach the Youtube presentation or Flash

The most important features of flixo energy plus:

  • Very user friendly, many input aids and wizard to reduce data input time
  • Evaluation and chart of the thermal properties of a design or construction.
  • Graphical arrangement of the calculated results on a report page
  • Easy import of files from 3rd party CAD programs through DXF and SVG interface
  • Un éditeur CAO est intégré dans flixino pour créer des modèles ou adapter des images importées.
  • Results can be imported/exported into Lesosai via the clipboard.
  • A materials database with more than 1000 materials from different European standards (EN ISO 10456, EN ISO 10077-2, EN ISO 673, EN ISO 6946) and the integration of MaterialsDB.org (as in Lesosai)
  • Library with numerous components (like window, walls, floors etc.) for fast creation of constructions using parametric components.
  • Tools and assistants for automatic calculation of temperatures, thermal currents, and component property values like U-values, Ψ-values, frame U-values and of the value fRsi (condensation and mould).
  • Calculation with the finite element method. Automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement at critical points. Number of temperature nodes is unlimited, and is only restricted by the hardware employed.
  • Complete integration with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista

The main innovations - New in flixo 8

Model and Results
  • changed rules of import for BLOCK according to AutoCAD
User Interface
  • alphabetical or index view for materials in the materials flyout
  • new delete tool
  • the defining of guidelines now works as in CAD-programs
  • edit tool with extended input through keyboard
  • stretching of selected objects with the edit tool
  • direct adding and deleting of corners with keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks through the edit tool
  • additional possibilities of selection and inversion of the selection
  • customized look&feel