Data-exchanges between manufacturers

MaterialsDB is a tool for exchange information between the manufacturers of materials and calculation software in the field of the physique of the building.

So far, the update of the lists of materials within these software was difficult and involved important work. Each software used a of file format and each manufacturer provided its own information on paper, via files in different formats, etc.

To develop a common database format than can be widely adopted and enable its diffusion on the market, a working group was established for the selection of information to be provided and format. This working group is composed of the company E4tech Software SA, the Fraunhofer Institut, and the manufacturers Flumroc, Isover, Morandi, Pavatex, Swisspor, and Tuileries Fribourg + Lausanne. The project was financed by the manufacturers present in the working group.

The result is visible on and new manufacturers have regularly joined the project.

The group invites any other potentially interested manufacturer to take part in the project in order to increase the number of materials at disposal for the users.



More information on the site of the software: